News Style: Tattoo’s in the Workplace

Feb. 23, 2013

Lindsey Ardoin has more than fourteen tattoos across her body. She is also the branch manager and head nurse of a pediatric home health agency here in Austin. Ardoin is just one of the several hundred professionals who have to cover up their ink at their job.

    Fortunately for her, she has that option. Recently six candidates applying for a Sheriff’s Deputy job, near Minneapolis, were disqualified because of having tattoos which would have been visible when in uniform, according to NBC news. Law enforcement officials were also quoted saying that the policy is to protect the officers, as well as the people.

     Truck driver Harry Dies, was getting his first ink at Dovetail Tattoo and had a different opinion about tattoos in the workplace, “professionalism, should be judged on one’s ability, not their appearance.” His portrait tattoo is of his 19- year-old daughter whom he lost in a car wreck last November.

Ardoin on the other hand, can understand where the officials are coming from, even if she does not agree, “it’s still a stigma and yea, it sucks that you have to wear long sleeves. But I put myself in this situation, I’m not going to complain about it- and it’s not going to stop me from getting more.”

Lindsey Ardoin, Austin branch manager of Angels of Care Pediatric Home Health shows her tattoo she has to leave covered at work. Photo by: Lauren Keim.

Harry Dies’ daughter, Christie, died in a car accident Nov. 4, 2012. This portrait tattoo is his way to memorialize her life. Photo by: Lauren Keim


Wendy Ramirez, owner of Dovetail Tattoo, working on Harry Dies’ portrait tattoo. Photo by: Lauren Keim


“Ever since I started studying religion and philosophy, I have always loved and wanted a happy Buddha. Later on I found these Mexican folk art-y flowers and the tattoo artist helped me get it wrapped around him all nice,” Ardoin said. Photo by: Lauren Keim.


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