I have completed a full revolution
A revolution of mind
A cycle of heart
And here I am back at the start.

It’s funny how much my life has these minor rotation-
as if my life ran like clockwork.

I guess in theory that’s what’s the desired objective
this collection of gears and cogs bundled in meat.
It’s what’s logical, mechanical, sensible.
Rise, play your part in society, sleep- Repeat

Emotional reactions are regulated by these ticks and tocks
The clicking with some- the clashing with others
Introduce a new gear to the clockwork of your life
and it’s just a matter of time
Before there’s strife.

Lonely, Understanding, Comfort, Independent, Completion, Control

Novelty, Innocence, Infatuation, Fleeting , Harmony

Pleasure , Exploration, Mystifying, Balance

Confusion, Evaporating, Illusion

Unending, Darkness, Inadequacy, Doubt

Liberating, Surrender, Rebirth, Enlightening, Empowerment.

One day I hope to stop the cogs,
Break the cycle two stop time
Three times I have been hurt
Before the revolution was complete.

Am I forever destined to strive for a companion piece?

My faith in change is waning with each turn.
Perhaps I should start to stop my yearn
Since there will never be an fix
To the clockwork of my life.

~Lauren Keim, 2010

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