Well, Hello there.

I’m a proud University of Texas at Austin Journalism graduate. Since 2014, I have been nurturing my own small business, as a media and office management consultant. I am passionate about helping others tell their stories through digital media and enabling them to reach success in pursing their dreams. If you would like to learn more about my work, please feel free to take a look around.

More about me…

Beyond enabling others to succeed in their business, I am incredibly passionate about the music industry.

I am in love with observing the whole “human experience.” I love people’s stories, insights, personalities, thoughts and feelings. Music is one of the best ways we have to communicate our deepest emotions to one another. Music can have such a powerful hold our emotions- it can entertain and uplift us, or empathize with our heartache. Unlike other forms of communication, it can transcend barriers easier than others.

In writing about music and the artists behind it, I hope to be a sort of bridge between the audience and the band. I absolutely love meeting interesting people and having the opportunity to tell their stories. In my time in Austin, I have had the pleasure to write and edit for two separate publications, Shuffle Online and Austin Fusion Magazine and one day hope to own a successful online publication.

If you happen to be curious about my music listening habits and who I happen to think will be the next up and coming. Feel free to follow me on Spotify.

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